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Belize & The Art Of Doing Nothing

Thatch Caye is a cozy resort, where life forces you to disconnect and relax.


Silence in the Moroccan Desert

You are accustomed to the noise around your home. It falls into the background, but the agitation is still there. To know the silence of the desert gives you to appreciation for the stimulation you endure each day.


Jaipur: Life Turning Point

There are certain turning points in your life. My first trip to Jaipur, India, and the 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat was one such point.


Jaipur: My First 1o Day Vipassana Meditation

After my first night in India, we made our way to the Vipassana meditation retreat center…


Vipassana at Dhamma Dipa

I still remember the first time I sat at Dhamma Dipa in Hereford, Wales. It was my second 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. I had just finished my MBA, and I was freaking out…