Purposeful Nomad Empowers Women Through Sustainable Travel

Purposeful Nomad Empowers Women

In 2016, Caitlin Murray and Jess Horton founded Purposeful Nomad with the vision of providing meaningful travel experiences for women looking to venture beyond tourist-to-traveler status. Purposeful Nomad strives to offer destination-exclusive trips that combine adventure, soul renewal and social responsibility. Through carefully crafted itineraries and strong connections with local community leaders, they strive to …

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How Basecamp Explorer Is Making an Impact Through Eco-Tourism

Basecamp Explorer Is Making an Impact Through Eco-Tourism

Guests of Basecamp Explorer’s collection of safari camps, hotels, safaris and trips around the world enjoy responsible tourism. To do this they support the Basecamp Explorer Foundation alongside their commercial operations while working closely with Maasai communities in Kenya to develop models for nature conservation. Going Beyond Conservation Basecamp Explorer runs two exclusive safari camps …

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